Tuesday, June 17, 2014

They Came. They Saw. They Purchased . . .

Or How I Learned to Stop Kvetching and Love Open Studios.

Studio Cleaned Up for Display

After two days of opening my studio to people coming and going, friends and the general public generally milling about, taking in the scope of my newest work in clay, offering many positive responses not only about the work but also about the studio itself (“So clean.” “Beautiful floors.” “Your studio has the best light of all we’ve seen in this building.” “Do you work here?”), I had a moment to sit and take in what had transpired. With the Master Copy of the price list in hand, I saw that I had sold 10 of the 32 pieces which were displayed and 2 which weren’t for sale but had caught the eyes of a couple of insistent buyers.

Needless to say, I was thrilled. Each sale meant a part of me was going home to live with someone who found a piece that was irresistible. Here are a few of those special works.

Earth Erupted - stoneware, pinched/torn, glaze, oxides

Empty Nest - porcelain, pinched/torn/coiled, glazes, oxides

Dawnrise Nest - porcelain, pinched/torn/embellished, glaze, oxides

Inside of Dawnrise Nest

Aquatic Aerie - white stoneware, pinched/torn/embellished, glaze, oxides

Water Lilies Nested - stoneware, pinched/torn/embellished, glazes, oxides

Inside Water Lilies Nested

Deep Sea Nesting - white stoneware, pinched/torn/coiled/embellished, glazes, oxides

Lotus Landscape - stoneware, handbuilt/torn, glazes, oxides

With these sales, I am encouraged not only to continue creating my nests and eggs, but also to find new venues to market my work. I have to admit marketing isn’t my favorite thing to do, but with this exceptional success, I really should try and ride the wave. 

Now, if only I could find where I put that surfboard.

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Jim Puskar said...

So glad to find that my acquisition actually has a name. I love it!